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The Power of Habit

habitHabit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly. Most of the time, habit occurs unconsciously and automatic. It is essential to align your habit towards your goals. You also need to easily detects those habits that are not necessary to your life and can serve as chain ball only.

I found a poem from a particular forum and it got my attention. The poem speaks to the importance of habits and how a habit can affects your life both in good and bad ways. I tried to google and look for the real author. I found some but it did not says that he is indeed the author. I even failed to confirm the correct title of the poem. Anyway, here it is and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

You may know me.
I’m your constant companion.
I’m your greatest helper; I’m your heaviest burden.
I will push you onward or drag you down to failure.
I am at your command.
Half the tasks you do might as well be turned over to me. I’m
able to do them quickly, and I’m able to do them the same every
time, if that’s what you want.

I’m easily managed; all you’ve got to do is be firm with me.
Show me exactly how you want it done; after a few lessons I’ll do
it automatically.
I am the servant of all great men and women; of course,
I’m the servant of all the failures as well.
I’ve made all the winners who have ever lived.
And, I’ve made all the losers too.

But I work with all the precision of a marvelous computer
with the intelligence of a human being.
You may run me for profit, or you may run me to ruin;
it makes no difference to me.

Take me. Be easy with me, and I will destroy you.
Be firm with me, and I’ll put the world at your feet.
Who am I?

I’m Habit!


If you are dead serious in achieving your goals, you must change your habits and ensure that those habits are towards your goals. Old habits are hard to break since you are already used to it. They already run in to your veins and worked automatically. That’s because the behavioral patterns we repeat most often are literally etched into our neural pathways. Likewise with new habits. New habits are also hard to form but it is still possible through repetition. Just like how you form your old habits… by repetitions. Make sense??

Wishing you Abundance and Success,

Abraham Sig

How to Stay Motivated

As per wikipedia, Motivation is a theoretical construct used to explain behavior. It represents the reasons for people’s actions, desires, and needs. Motivation can also be defined as one’s direction to behavior or what causes a person to want to repeat a behavior and vice versa.

Motivation is being used a lot and it is indeed important to our lives. It is the reason why we stay focus on a particular goal and pursue it no matter what. Many believe that motivation often comes from somewhere else (a third party, experiences and many more). It could be a friend, love one or a family member who keeps on pushing you to do more and push your limit. It could be mentors or a life coach, helping you push forward into greatness.

Mentioned above are effective motivational sources but they can be temporary. You need to learn how to do it without external factors and achieve the desired level of motivation on your own accord. You have to be motivated at all times. Once you notice and begin to understand how important motivation is, you will strive to use it in many aspects of your life. When you are off track towards your goal and feel stuck, you will need to find the right energy to see things through to move forward and continue your journey. By channeling the right motivation, you will suddenly be able to do things sometimes your are not aware that you are capable of.

Tips that can help you to Stay Motivated.

Believe in Yourself

BelieveThis is your life, your own journey. A life coach can certainly help you but they are not always at your side. You can receive good advise from them bit it’s you alone who need to execute what you learn from them. Maybe you have fears that are controlling you and running at the back of your mind. They might be your limiting beliefs that holding you back. Maybe you are becoming a strong critic of yourself and you have already succeeded in discouraging your own self. Believing to yourself and to your God’s gift skill sets will surely fire up your motivation.


Talk to yourself

talk to yourselfTalk to yourself as you would talk to other people. Speak as though you are giving advice to someone, and be honest about what you think. You know yourself well and you know your strengths and weaknesses.
What is it that you want to achieve? Be specific with it. It is important that you know what you want and always follow one direction of movement and that is moving towards your goal (not the other way around). If you lose your way, just pick yourself up again, and move on.


Find an inspiration

inspirationThese may be people and events from which you can gain good perspective from. Choose to be with people who are positive and can bring the best out of you. It is nice if you are able to surround yourself with these kinds of personalities because they are positive influences. You should choose people who share your passion and who can influence you to be better.

Learn new to things

learnDo not get tired of learning. There are many ways that will help you feel good about yourself and knowledge is one. Learn how to upgrade your self and develop new skill sets. Knowledge is power and when you are able to make good use of it, you will find that you will be stronger to achieve all kinds of things in your life.



Practice Gratitude

gratitudeGratitude helps us see our situation in a way that can lessen panic, and could open up our thinking to new solutions. Instead of focusing on the things that bring you down, why not look at the bright side of things and focus on what you have done well and have achieved. Surely, there is a silver lining for every event or situation. It is discomforting to have to look at mistakes, failures and errors, so why should you focus on that?


Visualize that you already achieved your goal


– When you are able to see yourself at the end zone and experiencing success, it makes everything seem attainable. Just like the old sayings: What your mind can conceive, you body can achieve.




That’s all for today.

Wishing you Abundance and Success,

Abraham Sig

Maintaining a life of GRATITUDE

As we go on to our daily life journey, there is indeed certain thing that is truly out of our control. Most of the time, those things can suck out all positive energy within us. It is normal to look around and complain about what you do not have that others do. However, you cannot solely focus on the things you lack. Your life may not be in any way perfect but it is not a total failure compare to others who are really in lack of everything.


Is it nice to think that you have a bed where you can sleep comfortable while others sleep along the cold streets? It is nice to have potable water running out from your faucet while others don’t? How about a job that you currently have while there are millions of other who are unemployed for several years? The problem with other people is that they focus too much on the negative or to those they do not have. They forget and neglect to thank the heavens for the good things they have in their life. No matter how bad your life is going right now, you surely can find something to be grateful for.


If only all humans know how grateful we are in any aspects of our live, this world is a perfect place to live in. We need to practice the attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is more than just saying thank you. It is recognizing and realizing what you have and how good it is. It is about gaining satisfaction over the things that you have in your life no matter how simple it is. Focus on good things and be happy that you have done right.

It is not easy to look up and think of anything worth thanking for when you are in a state negativity. It is definitely going to be a struggle but you have to learn to break through the pain. Your life is a series of events and you have to understand how important it is to be grateful for both the good and the bad. The bad things happen for a reason and you have to come to terms with this truth so that you can turn your bad situation into something worth celebrating over. There is a silver lining for it and I am certain with that. Most of the time, bad instances will build your character and make you strong in the long run.

So, how to mitigate negativity and attain attitude of gratitude?

Make your personalize Gratitude Journal
– You can use a simple notebook where in you can write all the things that you ought to be grateful for. No matter how simple it is like; the unforgettable dinner date you have with your partner/friends, the recent tourist spot you visited during your vacation or even how your dog wake you up in the morning. You can choose to take account any simple good things and keep a notebook that you can refer to, from time to time. Especially when you are feeling down due to some instances. Just try to read your gratitude journal and you will feel energize again.

Create your own Mantra
– Every time someone or an event that cause you to shift you from being positive to negative state, recite your personal Mantra. A mantra or chant that will help you to go back to being positive again. Let me provide a good example.
God/Angels/Universe, please create an invisible field around me that will deflect all negative vibes and only absorbs positive one.

I usually do this when I am riding a cab and stuck on a heavy traffic. Most of the time, the driver will says how frustrated he is on the ongoing traffic. I usually recite my example mantra (in my mind only) and it helps me not to absorb the negative energy of the driver. You can create your own mantra and make it longer if you want.

Make your morning and evening ritual
– At morning, just before your take off from your bed, you should count all the things that you should be grateful for. Imagine all things that can happen to you all day and focus on those good things the whole day. At night before you lay down, think again for all the small things you received or experience that day and imagine how you fell. Imagine that as if it is happening again. Instead of spending your last waking hours, counting sheep, why not spend time to count your blessings instead. You should count all the things that you should be grateful for and start a habit of doing this every day and every night. Sooner or later your way of thinking for any situation will change.

Assigned a Gratitude buddy
– If you’re married, the best buddy will be your husband/wife. He/she should know your quest and he/she should help you exercise more gratefulness into your life. If your partner needs to twist your arm just for you to go back to good vibes, let him/her do it. If you have forgotten your gratitude quest, you should allow them to remind you. You can do the same if your buddy is also out of track.

Appreciate others
– If you are appreciative to others no matter how small they did for your, you will also pass the gratitude to them. Did you remember the feelings when someone appreciated what you do? It feels good right? People exist for one another and we need to express our thankfulness for having them around. When you realize how important the people are in your life, you will begin to appreciate their existence and your existence as well.

Always put a smile on your face
– If you have a smile on your face, you will be able to spread your good vibe or positive emotions to other people, and they will learn to be grateful and happy, as well. This is a win-win situation where everyone is experiencing good feelings.

Pay it forward
– A good way to show gratefulness would be to pass it on to others. If you are truly grateful and happy for what you have in your life, you should share the blessings you have by paying it forward. If someone has helped you and has done a magnificent difference in your life, you should endeavor to be a gift to someone else too. If you are familiar of “the Law of giving and receiving”, this is the best example of it.

Bottom line, you should relish everything that you have and focus on good things no matter how small they are. This is the main teaching of “Law of Attraction”. If you work hard on attracting something and you make it a part of your daily life, then it becomes you. By maintaining a life of gratitude, you embrace positivity that can attract all the good things that you deserve. Soon enough, your life will be just as you want it to be. The life your truly deserve.

Wishing you Abundance and Success,

Abraham Sig

How to Embrace CHANGE

The first thing that comes to my mind when I heard the word change is this phrase:

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”

People have different reasons for wanting change and experience a better life. Perhaps you might be in this situation as you read this post. Change might come from external or it’s you who initiated the change. Change is normal and it is part of one’s existence. There are changes that result to good things and the other way around. Either way, these changes can affect your life, so you need to know how to deal with it.


Change is part of our life. From the moment you were born, you were already destined to meet different changes. It is a fact and it happens whether you like it or not. It is important to know how to deal with these changes and look for a silver lining. There is no point in fearing change. Changes happen for a reason and you just have to find a way to positively deal with the things that happen in your life.

Most of the time, we want to change to improve our life. We all come to the point wherein we think that we deserve something more. It is not being discontent. It is just that we realize we can achieve more and deserve more compare to what we currently have. Change begins when you assert yourself and begin to want more and be more.

As mentioned above, change might come from external or You initiated the change by yourself. How to Make a Change for a better it was initiated by YOU? Below are tips that you can use.

Be specific with what you want
– There should be a reason behind why you want to change and you should determine why you want to do it. Knowing what you want to do will boost your motivation and help you to achieve your goal. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes since it will serve as your learning opportunities and it will surely guide you to what you dreamed of.

Create a Solid Blueprint
– “Planning without a plan is planning to fail”. A plan will dictate the course of your life and it will outline the journey that you will take. Making a change and turning your life around is not easy, but if you have a plan you will have a stronger foundation for your goals and the journey will be easy.

Overcome Laziness and Take action
– Some people are lazy because they do not want to act on their dreams and they refuse to go out of their comfort zones. Just always put in your mind that Life is a choice. If you choose to just sit there, then by all means do it, but do not complain and blame other people with your current situation. It is you who decide for your life. If you want a better life, you should choose to do something about it and you should not waste any time. You have to focus your attention to it and start working hard. You have to start on your way and you should keep your mind at it even if the conditions get rough, even if it seems rather impossible. Just do it and take action. Taking the first step is already halfway.

Don’t do it alone
– “No man is an island”. Go out and network with different kind of peoples who can help you to reach your goals. Only a few people understand the important of networking but if you want to be great in life in general, this is something you have to do. Doing the impossible and conquering the unknown is going to be hard. Go and ask for help from people who can bring the best out of your and will support you all the way to success. Do not be timid to tell them about it and absorb all good advice they can offer.

Visualize Success
– When you want to change and achieve something, you have to picture it in your head. The search for success is going to be a long and arduous journey, but you have to believe that it can be yours, as long as you have the right attitude and passion for it. Many have dreamed and only a few people ever got to taste it on their lips, but you can make it your reality. Visualize it as if you already achieved the changed you want and the success you truly deserve.

In the event that the change come from an external force (a third party or instances), you need to analyze the things that you need to change and how to deal with it. The following are some strategies that will help make things easier for you:

Anticipate the change
– It happens all the time and in random from out of nowhere. The world is continuously evolving and so will you and your life. Expect and accept that these things happen because the best way for you to deal with them will be to expect them to happen. Prepare for it so it will not surprise you, as much.

Do not control the change
– You have to understand that these changes happen for a reason. Let it happen and let the universe unfold it for you even without seeing the whole stair ways at first. Who knows, things may result to something great; and if it does not, then believe that you will find a way to deal with it.

Look for the Silver Linings
– Some changes can give a great impact on one person’s life. It may be for good or for bad but you need to focus your attentions to good things. You can effectively deal these changes them by trying to see things from a different perspective. There is certainly a reason for everything and do hope for a good one.

Take the change as a challenge
– As human, we have a natural coping mechanism and in order for you to survive through these changes, you will need to learn how to designate definite countermeasures that will help you deal with them. Learn how to cope with it and challenge yourself. You will certainly gain new skill sets along the way.

Change is always present in our life journey. Just face it with all your heart and hope for the best. Many people are afraid to accept any change or responsibilities. They are reluctant to spread their wings because they are not well aware of what they can do and what they can really achieve. You are so much more than what you think and you have to start believing in your true potential. Use the talent or skill sets you have and you can shine just as any star in the sky at night. Many people are limited to their existence because they have put themselves in a box and have restricted themselves to grow. Get out from your comport zone and embrace change. Before you can know, success is just inches away.

Wishing you Abundance and Success,

Abraham Sig

If you fail to PLAN, you are planning to FAIL

ben failing to planThis is my follow up post regarding “Create your own Blueprint”. PLAN is another factor to consider if you want to be successful in whatever career or business that you are into. Without the plan, you may simply fail. For me, these words are almost perfectly correct. If you want to become successful in anything, you have to have a plan. Right?

Majority of the population (count me in BEFORE) leaves its faith to what many call LUCK. It’s a sad reality but it happens in real life. Yes I agree that there is really such thing as luck or lucky person and miracles do happen. However, please don’t just sit there and do nothing. You must do something towards your goals. Gold’s will not just drop in front of you from out of no where. You need to dig it. And how to dig? That’s where the PLAN should take place.

Most success and achievement come to those planners who know what they want and what they need to do. Do your self a favor and grab a pen and paper. Write down your plan or blueprint. Make it Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-oriented. Write down a plan, calendar your desire, calendar your activities, list the persons who you think can help you out. Make a time-table. Write down and then delete all unnecessary activities that have been holding you back.

The plan is where you put both your short- and long-term goals. Don’t make other people steal the quality of life that you desire by a simple act of negligence. Be perfectly aware of what you want to achieve. Be specific as to when you plan to get it. If that’s money, put into your paper the exact amount. If it’s promotion in your job, write it down.

Start controlling your life by having a plan of your own. Create your own blueprint for success and see how far you can go from where you are now. Your plan will give you the drive and the reason to achieve and fulfill something for your self, for your family, for your community, and for your country.

failing to plan

Just always keep in mind that you need to develop one goal at a time. Although many of your goals will be interdependent, isolating each goal during the planning process will ensure that each meets the specific tests necessary to reach well-defined goals.


Wishing you Abundance and Success,

Abraham Sig

Create your own Blueprint

Each and every one of us has our own free will. We can do anything what we want and design our own Blueprint. We have a unique ability to design our own lives and change it for better or even for the best. You need to plan and control your life or somebody else will. You have a life of your own and God provided you the talent that you can use to become successful in any field you like.

If you really want to become successful, the first thing you need to know about success is that it’s an inside job. Success comes from within, learning how to be successful in life is not an easy task but if you have the courage to look at yourself for who you really are, it’s a piece of cake my friend and you are already half way there.

Blue Print

Weather you are planning to build a business (online or offline), a nice corporate career, looking for a good relationship and etc…, you need to have a Blueprint or a solid plan. This will allow you to brace your self to all the difficulties you may encounter along the way and you need to take ACTION. I mean ACTION…..



Most people will say someday I’ll do this or someday I will become successful but to be honest, that someday never happens unless you are willing to make some changes, design your Blue Print and put it in ACTION.

This blog is part of my blue print and one step at a time; I know I will become successful too on my online journey. This is the Internet age where in most of the business is made with Internet as a medium. We’re now living in a world where information has become more important than anything else. The problem with that is information can only spark an imagination but it rarely translates itself to the so-called success.

In creating your Blue Print during this information age, you need to act fast enough since Information changes from time to time and exponentially. You must also examine who you choose to surround yourself with and find yourself a mentor who is already successful in life and who is willing to help you become more successful. You will subconsciously pick up their winning thoughts, beliefs, and attitude which will in turn help you become more successful person. This is an example of how the Law of Attraction works. If you are surrounded by a positive thinker person, you will also pick up their winning thoughts and you will also attracts all the good energy that you deserves. Again, being positive thinker is not enough. Positive person and a doer work together well.


Keep in mind that you are not a rock. If you’re born in poverty, you can always choose to do something about it and turn the wheel upside down. I assumed that you know some people who started from scratch and become successful in life. Rags to riches type of story. They didn’t have anything but their dreams and within their lifetime they were able to turn their lives around. Difficulties or poverty is a state of mind. It’s not really a circumstance. It becomes a circumstance only when we accept it to be and do nothing about it.

In addition, you are the driver of your own car. You decide where you intend to go. If you want to succeed, you can either do it now, delay it for a day, for a week, or even for a year. You can delay it for a lifetime if you want. Your decision to take your life to a higher level one step at a time is so powerful that it can either amaze or disappoint you.

Lastly, be the miracle and don’t wait for it… Be it. Be the miracle you desire. “Be The Miracle” is a phrase from the movie “Bruce Almighty” and I really love this movie.  Below is the exact line from that movie.

“Parting a soup is not a miracle, Bruce. It’s a magic trick. Now, a single mom who works two full-time jobs, and still finds the time to pick up her kid at soccer practice, that’s a miracle. A teenager that says “no” to drugs and “yes” to an education, that’s a miracle. You want to see a miracle, son? Be the miracle. “

You want to see a miracle my friend? Be the Miracle. Think about what a powerful statement that is. Going back…. Many people have been looking for miracles to happen–to win in a lottery or a game show–and they thought that’s the answer to their prayers. Miracle is in you my friend. With God giving you almost everything you need–skills, talents, family, friends, and technology–you can create miracles in your life.

We’re now living perhaps in the most exciting (and most of the time seemingly complicated) time in human history and you should create a Blueprint that will lead you to success.

Wishing you Abundance and Success,

Abraham Sig