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Maintaining a life of GRATITUDE

As we go on to our daily life journey, there is indeed certain thing that is truly out of our control. Most of the time, those things can suck out all positive energy within us. It is normal to look around and complain about what you do not have that others do. However, you cannot solely focus on the things you lack. Your life may not be in any way perfect but it is not a total failure compare to others who are really in lack of everything.


Is it nice to think that you have a bed where you can sleep comfortable while others sleep along the cold streets? It is nice to have potable water running out from your faucet while others don’t? How about a job that you currently have while there are millions of other who are unemployed for several years? The problem with other people is that they focus too much on the negative or to those they do not have. They forget and neglect to thank the heavens for the good things they have in their life. No matter how bad your life is going right now, you surely can find something to be grateful for.


If only all humans know how grateful we are in any aspects of our live, this world is a perfect place to live in. We need to practice the attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is more than just saying thank you. It is recognizing and realizing what you have and how good it is. It is about gaining satisfaction over the things that you have in your life no matter how simple it is. Focus on good things and be happy that you have done right.

It is not easy to look up and think of anything worth thanking for when you are in a state negativity. It is definitely going to be a struggle but you have to learn to break through the pain. Your life is a series of events and you have to understand how important it is to be grateful for both the good and the bad. The bad things happen for a reason and you have to come to terms with this truth so that you can turn your bad situation into something worth celebrating over. There is a silver lining for it and I am certain with that. Most of the time, bad instances will build your character and make you strong in the long run.

So, how to mitigate negativity and attain attitude of gratitude?

Make your personalize Gratitude Journal
– You can use a simple notebook where in you can write all the things that you ought to be grateful for. No matter how simple it is like; the unforgettable dinner date you have with your partner/friends, the recent tourist spot you visited during your vacation or even how your dog wake you up in the morning. You can choose to take account any simple good things and keep a notebook that you can refer to, from time to time. Especially when you are feeling down due to some instances. Just try to read your gratitude journal and you will feel energize again.

Create your own Mantra
– Every time someone or an event that cause you to shift you from being positive to negative state, recite your personal Mantra. A mantra or chant that will help you to go back to being positive again. Let me provide a good example.
God/Angels/Universe, please create an invisible field around me that will deflect all negative vibes and only absorbs positive one.

I usually do this when I am riding a cab and stuck on a heavy traffic. Most of the time, the driver will says how frustrated he is on the ongoing traffic. I usually recite my example mantra (in my mind only) and it helps me not to absorb the negative energy of the driver. You can create your own mantra and make it longer if you want.

Make your morning and evening ritual
– At morning, just before your take off from your bed, you should count all the things that you should be grateful for. Imagine all things that can happen to you all day and focus on those good things the whole day. At night before you lay down, think again for all the small things you received or experience that day and imagine how you fell. Imagine that as if it is happening again. Instead of spending your last waking hours, counting sheep, why not spend time to count your blessings instead. You should count all the things that you should be grateful for and start a habit of doing this every day and every night. Sooner or later your way of thinking for any situation will change.

Assigned a Gratitude buddy
– If you’re married, the best buddy will be your husband/wife. He/she should know your quest and he/she should help you exercise more gratefulness into your life. If your partner needs to twist your arm just for you to go back to good vibes, let him/her do it. If you have forgotten your gratitude quest, you should allow them to remind you. You can do the same if your buddy is also out of track.

Appreciate others
– If you are appreciative to others no matter how small they did for your, you will also pass the gratitude to them. Did you remember the feelings when someone appreciated what you do? It feels good right? People exist for one another and we need to express our thankfulness for having them around. When you realize how important the people are in your life, you will begin to appreciate their existence and your existence as well.

Always put a smile on your face
– If you have a smile on your face, you will be able to spread your good vibe or positive emotions to other people, and they will learn to be grateful and happy, as well. This is a win-win situation where everyone is experiencing good feelings.

Pay it forward
– A good way to show gratefulness would be to pass it on to others. If you are truly grateful and happy for what you have in your life, you should share the blessings you have by paying it forward. If someone has helped you and has done a magnificent difference in your life, you should endeavor to be a gift to someone else too. If you are familiar of “the Law of giving and receiving”, this is the best example of it.

Bottom line, you should relish everything that you have and focus on good things no matter how small they are. This is the main teaching of “Law of Attraction”. If you work hard on attracting something and you make it a part of your daily life, then it becomes you. By maintaining a life of gratitude, you embrace positivity that can attract all the good things that you deserve. Soon enough, your life will be just as you want it to be. The life your truly deserve.

Wishing you Abundance and Success,

Abraham Sig