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Well, this is an ordinary and simple blog that will focused mostly on Internet Marketing (IM), personal development (attracting positive things) and my personal journey to what life’s ahead of me.  Honestly, this is a Big risk on my part in a way that I am not a Good Writer and this is really not my comport zone. But still, there is something inside me that keep on pushing and telling me that I need to do this. I don”t know if it is a calling or what? ; )  Anyway, I still follow that intuition and here we go.

Making a big life change is pretty scary. But know what is even scarier, Regret.

I am looking for a change. Changes that will help me attain the life I truly deserve.  For me to attain that kind of life, I need to Take Action. I am a huge fan of The Law of Attraction just like any other individuals who are eager to change their life. Unfortunately, those individuals never actually follow through on what has been learned, and I include myself with them before.  I know how difficult it can be, learning something and then implementing the lessons learned, but in order for you to change any aspect of your life, a huge part of changing is taking action. This blog will certainly help me to focus on my end goal and enjoy my journey towards it.



My Childhood Years

I grew up in a place where negativity is just around the corner. If you are familiar with the hit movie “Slumdog Millionaire”, I also grew up in an environment where Jamal Malik (movie’s lead role) grew up. It is indeed a slum area but I can still recall several good memories from my Childhood years. A place where all my dreams was envisioned and comes into a reality as times goes by.

My father died when I’m just a year old and I really cannot remember his face. What I have are just old pictures of him. Despite of this situation, my loving mother still managed to raise all of us (her 4 Children – me as the youngest and only boy) the right way and God fearing individuals. Any hint why my name is Abraham? Yup, my Mom is a very religious person and she did a great job guiding all of us as we face all challenges life can offer.

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Student Life:

I am very lucky to have a mother and older sisters who supports me as I travel my student life. They supports me not just financially but they also serve as an inspiration. Their words of wisdom and inspiration helped me to boost my desire to finish my study.

I am not a smart kiddo but God still gave me the privilege to became one of the parish scholars who also supports me to aid other expenses during my five years engineering student life. I also became a “Student Assistant” in our school for several years. It is a working scholar program in our college and I was assigned in school’s Computer Laboratories. I need to render minimum of 4 hours a day maintaining computers in exchange of a free tuition fee for the whole semester.

I am not telling you all this story just to “show off” what I did and what other people did for me to reach my dreams. Note that my Father died when I was a year old and he is not in the picture as I travel my student life. What I want to show is there is still a way. Poverty is not an excuse or hindrance for you not to achieve your dreams. It’s all in your attitude and how you react on a specific circumstances/events in your life. If you are aiming to equipment your self with skill sets / tools needed for you to become successful, you need to push your self to the limit.


To be educated doesn’t mean that you have to get your Bachelor of Science degree. For me, experience is still the best teacher. I like how Nelson Mandela says “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.  Nelson Mandela did not specifically says that “Getting a College degree or a Masters degree is the most powerful weapon….”. Life is a continues learning of anything and education doesn’t end after graduation. Let’s consider our self as an student in a large university called life.



My Love Life Story?

Not to brag or anything, but I have more than 11 years of Awesome relationship with my ex-girlfriend (high school sweet hearth). Until Dec of 2011, that long relationship was ended. It was ended by matrimony mass and that same event was the beginning of our marriage life. Yup my friend, I tied-the-knot with my ex-girl friend and she is my wife for more than 6 years now and counting 😉

We’ve been together for almost half of our lives and there is no word that can describe our relationship. No need for me to tell you our love story. This is not a perfect love story just like any romantic movie you know but this is surely a love story that is destined BEYOND FOREVER. This is one of the reason why I keep on dreaming and exploring all the possibility life can offer. As long as we travel the JOURNEY called LIFE together, everything will be at ease.

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On my Professional life:

I used to worked full time from a Telecommunication Company for almost 5 years. I am part of a Technical Support Group dealing with corporate clients.  That company is one of the best local companies and I believe that the Law of Attraction help me to attract this company in to my life. During my college days as an engineering student, I keep on dreaming and it’s always running on my thoughts that some day I will be working on a well established company with all great benefits. Honestly, I used to worked on a stressful environment and other negative work related things (I know you know what I mean). But I don’t focus on those things. Instead, I feel grateful and thankful for that company and with all good relationships I build with my colleagues. I am practicing the Gratitude of Attitude and it really helps me a lot on my daily routines at work. Focusing on things that make you happy will surely a great way to maintain good vibration in your life and attract more.

Currently, I am a full time Internet Marketer. I mean full time since my blog and other sites are running 24/7 for me. As an Internet Marketer, I already knew several “Rags to Riches” stories online.

At first, it is really hard to believe that there is someone who found fortune online. But as I dig more about Internet Marketing, it is indeed a huge gold mine. What I love about Internet Marketing is the time and financial freedom it can offer.

With the eagerness to achieve both financial and time freedom, this blog was born. It’s one of my dreams to build a blog like this livewithsuccess.com but just like any other decisions to make, procrastination keeps me holding back. But I conquer those procrastination and did my first step. So here it is, www.livewithsuccess.com is live and kicking!

As I trouble my life journey, I might change my steps, strategy and plans towards my goal. But definitely, I will not change what my End Goal is.

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

Wishing you Abundance and Success,

Abraham Sig


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