How to attain bigger chance of success

Like many people, I’m keenly interested in self-improvement and achieving success. It is pretty obvious why I choose for this blog. I’ve been longing to build a blog like this several years ago but just like any other decisions to make, procrastination is the number one that hinders me to push myself and put it in to action. What should I blog about, I might just waste my time and efforts, I am not a good writer, what if it will not work, what if I failed to pump traffic to my blog, what if I run out of topics to write and many other “WHAT IF’s”.

Until one day I realized that I need to do this and follow that little voice inside me. I still can’t understand it even up to this very moment. What I know for sure is I need to make the first step even though the path is not clear enough. Just like the sayings:

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

I am not aiming to become a personal development guru or a life coach. What I just want to do is to share something about self-improvement niche and how my life changed when I change the way I think. No, I am not a Law of Attraction expert but I know that it really works since I experienced it myself. Like many others, I work hard to improve life on a daily basis.  Even though I believe in The Law of Attaction and already developed a few positive habits, I still have miles to go.

“I’m a work in progress – I’m not there yet – I’m just not where I used to be”

We all deserve to be successful but some people are afraid of success because they think that it is only meant for a selected few. I have that thinking before and I thank God it is no longer in my system. Success is a choice and it can be achieved by anyone. If you have the right attitude, success can easily be yours. You have to be aware of all the limiting beliefs that were embedded to your system when you are young, eliminate them, and reprogram your mind by changing the way you think.

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

It is very important in an early stage that you know that changing your thoughts alone will not work. It is not that “all you have to do is think positively and everything in your life will be great”. This is the miss interpretation of the Law of Attraction by many people. It doesn’t work that way my friend.

If you want to achieve success, give yourself a bigger chance by:

Doing what you really want

  • Having a clear vision of what you really want and passion in life is a must. It should be what you love and NOT what others want you to do. Look at the mirror and ask yourself what you want to achieve. What do you really want to happen to your life? You have to work very hard whatever it is you choose to do. Fulfillment will mean so much more because it is more personal and definitely straight to the heart.


  • It’s your blueprint for success. Your plan describes how you can reach each step from where you are, or where you will be. Having a plan means you can avoid long detours that might compromise your chances of reaching your dreams. Writing a plan strengthens your journey and it will help you to push your limits. It also gives you a sense of purpose and formidable reason.

Taking action

  • It’s good to have a plan but it is just a plan and it won’t do anything to you unless you take it in to action. It does not really matter how good your plan is. Your good ideas are good for nothing unless you take action.

Staying focused

  • Focused on your end goal no matter what and have more fear of regret than failure. Sometimes, things might not work out exactly how you plan it. You can still change your plan and make some detours but never ever change your end goal. Or worst, don’t ever give up and forget what you are aiming. Don’t forget what you really want in life. Once you start going, just keep going and don’t give up. The only way to really fail is to give up and forget your dreams. You will surely encounter some obstacles along your journey but you can chip away at it, go around it or make detour. You can certainly regroup and find another way towards your end goal. If one of your plans failed, dust yourself off, look for the silver lining (learn from your mistakes), make another plan, take massive action, just keep going and stay focused.

Believing in yourself

  • Believe in yourself that you can do anything. Use your God given talents / skill sets and believe on them. You have to believe in your power to do things and make things happen. Even if everything seems impossible due to several challenges along the way, just think that those challenges are cleverly disguised opportunities for growth. Believe in yourself and to your talents that you can overcome them. You have to believe that you are powerful enough to see things through and no amount of trouble can ever shake you or discourage you from getting what you really deserve.

Always be grateful

  • Be grateful on what you currently have and enjoy it. Appreciate what you’ve achieved so far, and see that what you want, where you’re going. Not what you don’t have, not what your need or not what you must do. If you appreciate all the things you currently have, you will experience a good feeling, contentment and inner joy. Eventually you will attract more positive things and better situation. With this feeling, you are now removing all negating things from your mind and you are now changing your thoughts and it will lead in changing your circumstances for the better.

Wishing you Abundance and Success,


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