How to Maintain Positive Mindset


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Positive thinking is one of a well-known strategy that many successful individual used to improve the quality of life, attract what they want and creating happiness. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to learn and understand the importance of staying positive.

Have you noticed someone who always complains about almost everything is less happy and less fulfilled in their life? These individuals become quickly frustrated by the inevitable stress, changes and challenges they experience.. It may be your colleagues, friends, relatives or even you. You might not be aware that you are one of those people who always spoil someone’s good mood.

It is true that developing the habit of positive mindset does not happen overnight. No supplement/medicine that you can take and change your way of thinking in just a blink of an eye. Especially if you grew up in an environment where in negative is all around and you are not even aware since it is just part of your daily life. Maintaining a positive mindset is a process that you need to regularly form and manifest in order to develop a habit, a pattern that you consistently do.

Staying in a positive mindset helps to allow the mind to focus on strengths and accomplishments, rather than weaknesses and setbacks, which increases happiness and motivation – which improves results and circumstances. Then opens the mind to opportunity and allows more potential for making progress – leaving less time for feeling down and stuck. There is no need to consult a professional to turn yourself into a person with positive mindset.

You can manage to develop your own thinking patterns with a few simple tips.

Practice the Attitude of Gratitude. (Make it a Habit)
– The power of gratitude is 100% true. What you choose to focus on expands and manifest. A simple “Thank You” in the morning will help you attract good things the rest of the day if you maintain that good feeling. Waking up every morning is a blessing that you need to be thankful for. This is just one of example that you can practice the Attitude of Gratitude. How about being grateful for the break fast your parents / wife prepared for your? Being grateful for having a dog that licks your face to wake you up? Being grateful for the sun rise / sun set? Or almost everything around you. You see? There are several things to be grateful for.

If you focus on things to be grateful for in your life no matter how small it is, you will surely feel great and at ease. With this, you will maintain that felling the whole day and surely attracts good things on to your life. If you’re a Law of Attraction fan, I’m sure you may have heard of the power of gratitude before.

Avoid Negative Words / Phrases. (Use simple positive affirmations instead)
– Using negative words or terms. Below are some sample statements expressing negative thinking and alternative ways of delivering it in an affirmative manner:

Negative: I can’t make it.
Positive: I will give it another try and do my best to win the next time around.

Negative: I can’t do anything about it anymore.
Positive: There will always be a way to solve it.

Mistakes / failures are always present in our life. But don’t focus on them. Or better, don’t call them as “Mistakes” and “Failures”. You can call them as “LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES”. Calling them as Learning Opportunities will help you to shift your mind to a positive side and it will push your self to move forward.

Connect with Positive Person and eat their brains like zombies. please don’t take this literally ; )
– Connecting with like minded positive people is essential and it will certainly help you maintain your positive mindset. Being around with these kinds of people will reduce loneliness and increase self-esteem. Think of someone or a group of people who you know who has a positive outlook in life. Take them as your example in developing a positive aura. Looking up to someone as a role model can easily guide you in molding your thinking patterns as well as your actions. Surround yourself with healthy, happy people, and their positive energy will affect you in a positive way.

Lend a hand to someone in need
– It is a guaranteed happiness booster. Can you remember someone you helped in the past and imagine how they say “thank you” to you with a smile on their face? It really feels good right? You can volunteer your time, your resources, knowledge, talents or just make it a habit to help someone everyday. The more positive energy you put out into the world, the more you will receive in return. If you maintain that good feeling each day, you will be always in good vibrations and attract good things to you life.

Look for the Silver Lining (once found, focus on it)
– Always remember that anything happens for a reason and it is in a Good Way. Focus on the brighter side of a negative experience. What WAS, is DONE. There is no sense to dwell further on what cannot be undo. That way, you are shifting your mindset to a more positive outlook and you are teaching yourself how to inject hope to a rather unpromising or gloomy situation. Again, this is another “LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES”.

Schedule a ME Time (Love your self)
– Go treat yourself for a relaxing massage, watch a movie, walk in a park to relax, make nature your best friend, eat well, exercise, meditate and sleep well. How can you think positive and maintain it if your body (both physically and mentally) is not in good condition? Do anything that will help your body maintain its health. It is helpful to become selfish sometimes 😉

Use these tips religiously and it is guaranteed that you will maintain the positive mindset and your life will improve significantly.


Wishing you Abundance and Success,

Abraham Sig






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